Kawasaki unveils the latest array of 2024 models!

POSTED: 04/08/2023


2024 Models

While 2023 might still be in full swing, Kawasaki is already looking ahead to next year, announcing today a raft of 2024 models set to be arriving in the UK over the coming months. From entry-level bikes such as the Ninja 125 and Z125 to the retro-inspired Z650RS and supercharged Z H2, the lineup confirms the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional machines for every rider and budget.

These 23 models join the already announced Ninja ZX-4RR, Ninja ZX-6R, Eliminator and KX450, as well as the next generation of motorcycles in the Z EV and Ninja EV electric machines., making for an impressive array of bikes that cover every aspect of motorcycling.
The full list of models included in the latest 2024 range can be found in the table below, including the colours, pricing and when they will arrive in the UK.

Model Colour Price Arrival in UK
Z125 Green £4,299 October
Z125 Grey £4,399 October
Ninja 125 Green £4,699 October
Ninja 125 Black £4,699 October
Z650 Red £7,239 November
Z650 Black £7,139 November
Z650 Grey £7,239 November
Z650RS Red £7,839 January
Z650RS Black £7,839 January
Ninja 650 Black  £7,539 January
Ninja 650 Green £7,539 January
Z900 Red £9,799 October
Z900 Grey £9,799 October
Z900 Black £9,699 October
Z900RS Black £11,799 September
Z900RS Green £12,099 September
Z900RS SE Black £13,149 September
Z900SE Black £11,299 September
Versys 1000 Grey £10,879 January
Versys 1000 S Black £13,579 January
Versys 1000 S  Grey £13,759 January
Versys 1000 SE Black £15,569 January
Versys 1000 SE Grey £15,569 January
Ninja 1000SX Green £12,349 November
Ninja 1000SX Grey £12,349 November
Ninja 1000SX Black £12,149 November
Ninja ZX-10R Green £17,499 January
Ninja ZX-10R Grey £17,499 January
Z H2 Grey £17,299 January
Z H2 SE Grey £19,799 November
Ninja H2 SX Black £22,649 November
Ninja H2 SX SE Green £25,649 January
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