For most people, green is the colour of envy, but not for Kawasaki. For Kawasaki, it's the colour of a historic brand, world renowned for their innovative bike technology, amazing designs and high speed motorcycles. With brand new models every year, in all categories, from supersport to adventure, Kawasaki provide fantastic additions each year that keep the competition on their toes.

With their staple green and black designs, you'll know a Kawasaki bike when you see one. Like the Kawasaki Ninja, known for high speed, sharp looking fairings and a mean engine, or the Versys models, comfy dual-purpose motorcycles, able to travel for miles with the riders comfort as number one. But it doesn't just end there, how about their off-road range, known to be fierce in the motocross world.

We can't convince you entirely, so take a look for yourself, we're sure you'll find a bike to love.